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Chemical Spills, Toxic Torts

A Chemical Spill Can Affect You For A Lifetime

Toxic Tort Injury And Wrongful Death Lawyers

A chemical spill or release of toxic vapors into your work environment or community can result in lifelong health problems. That can mean long-term medical treatment and a possible disability. Unfortunately, the dangers of a toxic environment aren’t always immediately evident and people can begin showing symptoms of exposure months and years after the spill or emission has taken place.

If you have been exposed to a chemical spill or the illegal emission of a dangerous gas or other toxic substance into your immediate living or work environment, get legal help you can rely on. You are entitled to protect your rights and seek damages for injuries or financial loss you may have suffered in an industrial accident.

The Professional And Financial Resources To Handle Complex Toxic Tort Cases

Our litigation team, headed by Stephen Farmer, Danny Cline and Robert Campbell, is available to help individuals, families and business entities protect their rights and interests from the harmful effects of land, water and air contamination.

Because of our successful litigation record, we can afford to expend the time and financial resources necessary to thoroughly investigate the chemical spill or illegal emission and establish the full extent of the resulting injuries or deaths.

Chemical Spills ▪ Dangerous Coal Waste And Gas Emissions ▪ Land Contamination

Judges, juries and opposing insurance defense attorneys know that toxic tort cases often involve confusing facts and complicated connections between parties that may be held liable for damages. We know the tactics that the defendants and their insurance companies often use to confuse the issues. By preparing thoroughly and gathering critical information, we can provide a clear case for damages. Our resources and commitment to justice give your case the edge in these complex litigation cases.

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