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January 19, 2024
Charleston law firm helps drivers obtain CDL licenses for church ministry – Discover how Farmer Cline & Campbell partners up with CDL Assist to meet the need for more church bus drivers.

January 17, 2024
Putnam paramedic sues patient after sustaining injuries on call – A Putnam County paramedic claims he was run over by a patient.  Farmer, Cline and Campbell are helping this paramedic seek justice.

November 10, 2023
Maryland man sues ACE Adventure Waterpark for injuries – A Maryland man is suing Ace Adventure Resort alleging he was injured while at the resort.  He is seeking compensatory and punitive damages and is represented by Farmer, Cline & Campbell in Beckley.

September 9, 2019
Couple sues U-Haul after part of tow dolly struck vehicle on I-77 – A West Virginia couple alleges they were injured when part of a U-Haul tow dolly broke away and struck their vehicle while traveling in Kanawha County.   Farmer, Cline & Campbell, PLLC is representing the plaintiffs who allege the defendants had a duty to ensure their fleet of tow dollies were maintained and inspected.

August 1, 2019
Tractor Supply Co. denies responsibility for falling safe injuring customer – Farmer Cline & Campbell’s Brian Bigelow is seeking compensation for a man injured by a falling gun safe dropped on his lower extremities while it was being driven on a forklift toward his truck.

June 15, 2019
Driver seeks damages over rear-end collision in Huntington – An Ohio man who was rear-ended at a stopped light and has hired Farmer, Cline & Campbell, PLLC to seek damages.

May 29, 2019
Bluefield man alleges rotted utility pole caused low-hanging electrical lines and his injuriesFarmer, Cline & Campbell, PLLC is representing a man is suing several utility companies alleging he was injured while working on the roof of a Bluefield property by low-hanging electrical lines.

May 7, 2019
Virginia woman seeks damages from Salt Rock man over collision at Princeton intersection – A Virginia woman is seeking damages from a Salt Rock man and business over an auto accident that occurred at an intersection in Princeton.

April 30, 2019
Attorney: Hospitals are committed to lead state out of crisis in large opioid case – An attorney representing dozens of hospitals in West Virginia and Kentucky in a lawsuit against opioid manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and pharmacies says there are reasons behind the case being just regional.

April 30, 2019
Debrich driver is accused of negligence in fatal accident – A woman is suing a company driver, alleging his negligence caused a fatal collision.

April 29, 2019
Hospitals in West Virginia and Kentucky sign onto massive suit aimed at pharma industry – Thirty-seven hospitals in two states have filed a lawsuit in Marshall County against numerous opioid manufacturers, distributors, and several individuals.

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