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Has Your Injury Changed Your Life?

Has your family been changed by a catastrophic injury that has left you wondering how you are going to cope? Farmer, Cline & Campbell, PLLC, has experience aggressively representing the shattered lives of people who have been affected by life-changing injuries.

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We provide aggressive, skillful representation for catastrophic personal injury claims such as:

Our Resources Mean We Can Do More

Our injury litigation team is made up of experienced trial lawyers and former insurance professionals. Our team understands how insurance companies operate. We can fight attempts to confuse the medical issues, blame the victim for the accident or cast doubt on the medical treatment and severity of the injuries.

Car accidents Defective products Premises liability Work injuries .

The resources we have available to us mean that we can afford to thoroughly investigate the facts, including hiring medical and life-care experts for opinions and testimony. From the moment you retain us, we will begin preparing your case to win a maximum money award in a court trial. By being prepared for a jury award, we are ready to negotiate for a settlement from a position of strength.

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Contact us to learn more about our successful record in catastrophic injury cases. Free consultation and no legal fees unless you win money for your claim.

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