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Dog Bites And Animal Attacks

Dogs Are Great, But Their Bites Can Be Serious

Charleston, Beckley And Morgantown Dog Bite And Animal Attack Injury Lawyers

If you or a child in your family has been bitten by a dog or injured because of an animal attack, you may be confused about what to do next. Often, the stray dog or cat runs away before you can get information from the owner. You know you have a valid claim for money damages, but where do you turn for legal help?

Former Insurance Defense Lawyers Who Know How The Other Side Plays

Turn to us for experienced legal help. Attorneys Stephen Farmer, Danny Cline and Robert Campbell of Farmer, Cline & Campbell, PLLC, know how to fight to win at the insurance defense lawyers’ game. We understand the tactics that insurance companies may use to protect their bottom line in cases involving dog bites and animal attacks.

Dog Bites Cause Serious Injuries. Let Our Team Fight For Your Rights.

Our team of highly qualified personal injury professionals includes many who worked in the insurance industry before joining our firm. Since we opened our doors in 1996, we have helped thousands of victims protect their rights and fight for the compensation they deserve for medical bills, lost earnings and pain.

Why hire Farmer Cline & Campbell? Here are Four Reasons

If you or one of your children has been bitten by a dog:

  • Seek medical attention even if the injury does not appear serious. Animals carry bacteria and disease that can cause problems if a wound is not cleaned properly.
  • Gather all the information you can about the animal’s health from its owner.
  • Record all information about the incident, including the owner’s contact information, exact location, time of day, witnesses, etc.
  • Don’t negotiate with the pet owner, even if you know the person very well.
  • Do exactly what you are doing now. Seek the help of an experienced personal injury attorney.

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