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Construction work ahead: often an imperiling risk for drivers

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2020 | Workplace Accidents |

Motorists crisscross West Virginia’s varied roadways every second of each day in a wide assortment of motor vehicles, ranging from passenger cars and trucks to motorcycles and other conveyances.

The risks they routinely confront while doing so are multiple and diverse. Conscientious drivers know from experience that they cannot rely in every instance on prudent behind-the-wheel behavior from their peers on the road.

That is to say, many drivers speed in pedal-to-the-metal fashion. Others weave, dart dangerously in and out of lanes and tailgate. Some negotiate the road ahead with one hand on the wheel and the other wrapped around a cellphone. It is far from a rarity to see some motorists playing with their kids and pets or balancing a meal on their lap. Legions of drivers routinely focus on myriad activities not remotely linked with steering a safe course for themselves and others.

In short, roadway negligence both figuratively and literally drives many adverse traffic-linked outcomes across West Virginia.

Although duly citing that scourge, today’s blog post also spotlights immediately below another key accident catalyst that poses danger to every West Virginia motorist.

Work zone construction: an outsized risk for the public

West Virginia regulators’ maps highlighting road renovation, repair and updating underscore that a huge number of projects are underway across the state at all times.

Those work zones pose immediate danger to the motoring public. One legal overview of the subject matter duly stresses that each year in West Virginia “individuals and their families have their lives forever changed by the terrible injuries that result from work zone collisions.”

That observation is buttressed and starkly emphasized by empirical data. Relevant statistics show this:

  • Up to 400 work zone crashes annually spanning the state
  • Reportable driver and passenger injuries in about 50% of those accidents
  • Notably high rate of adverse outcomes occurring on major thoroughfares like interstate highways
  • High prevalence of rear-end collisions

The danger surrounding work zone sites is especially pronounced because of many drivers’ flat unawareness that specialized road conditions are literally just around the corner.

The bottom line is that work zones catch legions of motorists by surprise. Some drivers fail to sufficiently slow down in an area suddenly marked by heightened behind-the-wheel challenges. Others who failed to heed warning signs and signals can’t react quickly enough, thus imperiling others.

Motorists injured in work zone accidents often feel that they were victimized by third-party negligence, but they don’t know how to purposefully respond to demand accountability and obtain justice.

A proven personal injury legal team can provide an accident victim with timely and candid advice. A meaningful recovery can often secure maximum compensation that is vitally important for affected individuals and families.