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Catastrophic Car Accidents Near Morgantown, WV

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2023 | Car Accidents |

We certainly have our fair share of car and truck accidents in West Virginia, and Morgantown is no exception. With its narrow roads, steep hills, and often unbelievable traffic (especially during rush hour and between classes at WVU), it’s fair to say that the Morgantown area is one of the more dangerous places in the State to drive.

There are some areas where the possibility of a wreck is higher than it is at other locations due to crumbling pavement and other risk factors. Some of the worst collisions every year around Morgantown occur in specific areas with dangerous roads.

Construction, high speed limits and confusing intersections are common risk factors

But some roads are particularly hazardous. The seemingly never ending construction on Interstates 79 and 68, especially near Fairmont and Cheat Lake, coupled with the I-79 and I-68 split, make those interstates notorious as some of the most dangerous roadways in the State.

Don Knotts Blvd., most notably near the ill-designed and confusing intersection of Smithtown Road and U.S. 119 is almost as infamous for the number and severity of car wrecks.

And the high speeds and narrow lanes of Grafton Road have given rise to several social media forums just to track all the accidents.

The common denominators are high speed, narrow roads, and large volumes of traffic. When combined with distracted drivers, you have the primary ingredients for catastrophic collisions. Unfortunately, being the victim of a catastrophic collision often means a lifetime of challenges. Maybe it’s the medical expenses, or the lost wages. Perhaps it’s the inability to care for a loved one or giving up on past dreams based upon physical limitations. Or maybe it’s all of the above.

These costs are often beyond what insurance will cover, and it’s important that anyone who finds themselves on the wrong side of another driver’s carelessness speak to a lawyer to discuss their options. The remedy may be to file a personal injury claim or lawsuit. If you have been the victim of a catastrophic crash in the Morgantown area, give one of our Morgantown lawyers a call to see whether a personal injury claim is the right path for you.