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Is it time for your parent to stop driving?

If you have elderly parents in the Charleston area who are not quite ready to give up their keys, you might be wondering if it is time for them to do so. Your parents may still be very active, in good health and enjoy their independence. There is also the possibility that they will live longer than expected. You are not alone. The number of senior drivers on the roads is much higher than it has been, and it is expected to continue increasing. 

Crashes with tractor-trailers cause more than just bodily harm

It is no surprise that auto accidents with tractor-trailers are dangerous for those in passenger vehicles. Commercial trucks are huge, heavy and often full of cargo, leading to serious injuries for crash victims. Injuries often include traumatic brain injuries, organ damage, lacerations and broken bones.

Solar Eclipse: Wrong glasses could have caused eye damage

Charleston Residents may wonder whether their eyes were damaged while viewing yesterday’s solar eclipse. According to The Charleston Gazette-Mail, damage could occur from looking directly into the sun, but damage could also occur if someone was wearing glasses that did not meet proper specifications.