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What if you get hit by an uninsured driver?

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2023 | Car Accidents |

In many cases where you get hit by another driver, their insurance company is going to have to cover a lot of the costs. The other driver is liable and they are theoretically carrying insurance on their car, so that policy needs to pay out.

However, not everyone purchases car insurance, even though it is required by law. Additionally, even some drivers who do have insurance may not have enough to cover all of the costs that you’re facing. Remember that this probably goes far beyond the cost to just to repair your car. If you suffer injuries and find yourself in the hospital, your bills could exceed what the insurance coverage can address.

How many uninsured drivers are there?

The good news is that West Virginia ranks just 36th in the country, with number one (Mississippi) being the state with the most uninsured drivers and number 51 (New Jersey) being the state with the fewest. Reports indicate that 9.2% of drivers in West Virginia do not have insurance, and that is a total of 395,291 drivers. Naturally, this is going to fluctuate a bit from year to year, but this is the risk level that you can expect.

Why do people drive without insurance?

The main reason people don’t buy an insurance policy it’s just that they think it’s too expensive or they don’t want to pay for it. Some drivers, especially when they’re young, believe that they can simply avoid getting into an accident and so insurance is not necessary for them. Additionally, you have those who simply decide that they will pay the fine if they are caught driving without insurance, assuming that the fine is going to be a more cost-effective solution than paying a monthly premium.

What can you do?

Of course, the reasons that people drive without insurance don’t really hold up once they’ve caused an accident. The fine is the least of their worries, and of yours. Some drivers carry uninsured/under insured driver insurance just in case of this eventuality, but not everyone has this policy. If you have been injured and you are facing significant costs due to that person’s negligence, be sure you know exactly what legal steps you can take to seek the compensation you deserve.