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Get to your destination safely with these 3 tips for motorcyclists

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents |

West Virginia certainly has beautiful views during the autumn, especially as you cruise through the mountain roads. As a motorcyclist, you should know that you are at a greater risk of getting in to a crash and suffering injuries as you drive in these fall months.

West Virginia roads sometimes have frost and black ice along with the fall foliage. All three of these seasonal hazards could cause you to crash. Here’s a little about what you can do to make yourself safer.

Watch out for wet leaves: The first thing to do is to watch the road for wet leaves. Leaves can be slick and cause a reduction in friction between your tires and the road. You could slide and crash as a result.

Check the weather before you ride: Another important step is to check the weather before you ride. If the temperature is at or slightly above freezing, you should be aware that ice or black ice could be on the roads. It is even more likely on bridges and in shaded areas. Slow down when you approach so you can minimize the risk of a collision.

Wear the necessary gear: Have your helmet on, and make sure your visor is not fogging up when you ride. Also wear appropriate gear to protect your upper and lower body from cuts and abrasions in case you are struck and thrown from your motorcycle.

These are three tips to make yourself safer this season. Taking these precautions can help you get to your destination safely. If you are struck by a driver or another motorcyclist, make sure you seek the compensation you need and deserve.