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Driving classes can make you a better driver at any age

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Most of us take driver’s education as teens when we first get a driver’s license, and that’s the last driver’s ed we ever have. We don’t see the need to refresh our skills because we’re out there getting real world driving experience just about every day.

However, we’re also getting lax about practicing defensive driving and developing some bad habits without realizing it. Often, it takes a child or grandchild who’s learning to drive to remind us of important safety measures that we’ve long forgotten.

For some people, the experience of being involved in a car crash – even if it wasn’t their fault – incentivizes them to take a driver safety class or even go out with a driver’s ed teacher for some expert behind-the-wheel practice. This can also help you overcome any anxiety about getting in the driver’s seat again that many people experience after a crash.

These refresher classes can help drivers be more watchful of their surroundings and help them stay current on driving-related laws. You might even find that some things have changed since you took driver’s ed. For example, the old “10 and 2” rule for steering wheel hand placement is now “9 and 3” to allow for air bag deployment.

Driver safety classes are particularly popular for seniors. For example, there’s an AARP Smart Driver online course. However, there are safety and refresher classes available for people of any age.

A behind-the-wheel class from a local driving school can help you break bad habits like not fully stopping at stop signs, not checking all of your blind spots before changing lanes and not looking in both directions when entering an intersection. If you’re new to an area that is more mountainous than you’re used to or perhaps more rainy or snowy, some practice under the guidance of an experienced teacher can help you more confidently navigate nearby roads. A driving course may also earn you a discount on your insurance.

If you’ve suffered injuries in a crash caused by a negligent or reckless driver, make sure that you seek the compensation you need and deserve. This can help you deal with medical bills, lost wages and other expenses and damages.