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Study lists worst 10 cities for car accidents in 2019

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2020 | Car Accidents |

A nonprofit called Go Safe Labs has ranked 10 cities with the highest number of auto accidents in 2019. The nonprofit also came up with a list of the 10 most accident-prone “hotspots” in the U.S., so drivers in West Virginia may want to read on.

Researchers noted that there was a 6.8% increase in car accidents from 2018 to 2019. A total of 953,630 accidents took place in 2019. Of these, 22,188 occurred in Houston, making this the number one city for accidents. In second place was Charlotte, North Carolina, with 21,818 accidents. Incidentally, Raleigh was on the list as well at number six with 12,846 accidents despite the fact that it saw a 25.5% decline in car crashes in 2019.

In third place was Los Angeles, with 19,660 accidents, followed by two cities in Texas: Austin with 16,635 and Dallas with 14,685. Oklahoma City, Baton Rouge, Nashville and Phoenix rounded out the list.

As for the “hotspots,” none of these were located in the cities mentioned above. Greenville, South Carolina, was prominent in this list with the Pelham Road Exit on Interstate 85 ranking as the number one most accident-prone spot in America. Two other regions in the city ranked in the top 10. Three were in or around New York City with others in Portland, Minneapolis and Miami.

Most accidents are the result of negligent driving, such as drowsy, drunk, aggressive and distracted driving. There are laws in place that allow the victims of a negligent driver to seek compensation. In West Virginia, one can file as long as one is deemed less than 50% at fault. Rather than going it alone, though, victims may want a lawyer to assist with the filing. The lawyer may strive for a reasonable amount in compensatory and, if applicable, punitive damages.