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Autumn can bring roadway risks

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2019 | Car Accidents |

The autumn can present many driving dangers on the roads in West Virginia. The season is known for family holidays, sports and the changing leaves, but it can also be a time for unpredictable weather and unexpected difficulties during a daily commute. Traffic on the road in the fall often increases as children go back to school and students go back to college. Cars, buses and pedestrians may fill the road before the beginning and after the end of the school day, and drivers may need to pay extra care for children potentially running out into the street.

The changing weather that autumn is known for can also present lots of road hazards. Rain becomes more common in the fall, especially when the first rain comes after a dry season. Water may accumulate atop oil and dust, creating a slippery surface that can pose a threat to fast-driving cars. Drivers should take care to use their headlights and keep a safe following distance from other traffic during wet weather. In addition, people may wake up in the morning to find frost on their cars. Frost isn’t limited to car windows, however. It can also be found in icy spots on bridges, overpasses and shady roads.

Many autumn mornings have a high level of fog. Fog can greatly hinder visibility for drivers, especially on bridges or near bodies of water. Some people may use their high beams during foggy weather, but sticking with low beams may be safer and avoid the creation of additional glare.

Of course, auto accidents can happen at any time of the year, especially when distracted, dangerous or negligent driving is involved. A personal injury lawyer could work with accident victims to help them pursue compensation for their health care bills, missed wages and other damages.