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How to make winter driving safer

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2017 | Car Accidents |

With its freezing rain, ice and snow, winter poses many risks for drivers. Experts have several tips for safe driving that can apply to anyone in West Virginia. The first thing is to know how ice can affect driving. Since all-season tires cannot provide the traction needed for icy roads, they can easily cause drivers to lose control when braking or steering over icy patches. Black ice can catch drivers unaware because of its wet appearance.

This is why drivers should winterize their vehicles ahead of time. If conditions are severe, they should purchase snow tires or snow chains, at the very least ensuring that vehicle components are functioning properly. This includes the wiper blades, defroster, heating system, brakes and engine. Testing the battery, changing the oil and inflating the tires since the cold can deflate them are all recommended. Cars should also carry an emergency kit containing things like tools, flashlights, a sleeping bag and some flares.

Winterization will mean nothing, however, if the driver is reckless. Safe winter driving means slowing down, never rushing, never slamming on the brakes and maintaining a good distance from other cars. Drivers should watch out for icy patches, which often develop in shaded spots in the early morning, and keep their headlights on even in the day.

Unfortunately, negligent driving continues to be a major problem, even in the wintertime. If someone is injured in an accident, such as a rear-end collision because the other driver rode too close without thinking of road conditions, he or she may have grounds for an injury claim. A lawyer may be able to assess the case, have investigators build up the necessary proof and negotiate for an informal settlement with the insurance company. If negotiations fall through, the client and lawyer might consider litigation.