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Car crashes are caused by several key driving mistakes

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2017 | Car Accidents |

For drivers in West Virginia, the potential for car crashes is always a concern when taking to the roads. Across the country, 6 million motor vehicle accidents take place each year. Accidents are caused in a number of ways, and developing an understanding of how they take place can help to prevent future crashes from taking place.

Researchers have worked to expand their knowledge of why car crashes take place by conducting detailed investigations of large numbers of accidents and equipping cars with tracking devices. These studies have pointed to several key causes for a large number of the nation’s auto accidents. Rolling into a right turn on a red light is one of the most dangerous moves a driver can take, particularly for pedestrians as 6 percent of all pedestrian deaths are caused by this type of right turn. Stopping completely at a red light before making a right turn can help drivers avoid these dangerous accidents.

Accidents are caused when drivers lose control of their vehicles. While this may seem like an extreme occasion, aggressive roadway maneuvers or fast driving on sharp curves can cause a driver to lose control. This can be accentuated by the behavior of other drivers or dangerous weather conditions like rain, snow or ice. Another significant factor in the number of auto crashes can be exhaustion. Around 37 percent of adults have reported falling asleep at least once while driving, and 7 percent of all car crashes are caused by drowsy driving.

For people who have been injured in a car crash due to others’ dangerous or negligent driving, the root cause of the crash may seem less urgent than the problems it has caused in their daily lives. A personal injury lawyer may be able to help auto accident victims seek compensation for their medical bills, lost wages and other damages caused by a car accident.