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Teens with ADHD may be more likely to crash

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2017 | Car Accidents |

West Virginia parents who have teenagers with ADHD may be interested to learn that those who have been diagnosed with this order are about 33 percent more likely to be involved in a crash than those who do not have ADHD. However, researchers note that, although there is an increased risk, this risk is manageable.

One thing that can help reduce the risk of a car accident is to have the teen wait to get a license. Teens with ADHD who decide to wait to get their license are often more ready to deal with the responsibilities of driving when they are a little older. It is noted, however, that teens should not wait too long. Once the teen turns 18, they only need a six-hour course before they can try for their license. This makes teens with ADHD miss out on the additional in-class instructions their peers receive.

In addition to taking ADHD medication as instructed, parents should also talk to their teens about the seriousness of driving. The transition to learning how to drive is when they are most likely to become involved in a car accident regardless of whether or not he or she has been diagnosed with ADHD.

When inexperienced drivers cause car accidents, the other individuals who become involved are likely to experience injuries that have an impact on their ability to live their lives as normal. In some cases, car accident injuries can prevent the injured individuals from working and earning an income, potentially putting them in financial stress. Personal injury attorneys may assist with filing insurance claims to seek compensation for medical costs and other damages, which may include lost income and pain and suffering. While most claims are settled out of court, attorneys can litigate and take the case to court if no settlement is reached.