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Too many motorists engage in distracted driving

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2017 | Car Accidents |

West Virginia motorists may be interested to learn that approximately 33 percent of all drivers have developed the habit of driving while distracted. Even more surprisingly, an AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety report found that approximately 88 percent of millennials engage in risky behavior when they are behind the wheel. Many of these drivers believe that their unsafe behaviors are acceptable.

According to the statistics released by AT&T, approximately 70 percent of drivers use their smartphone while they are driving. About 40 percent admitted to checking their social media, 30 percent looked up information on the web and 10 percent even used the video chat feature. In fact, of those who used the video chat function, 27 percent stated that they believed they could have a video chat conversation safely while operating their vehicle.

To help prevent distracted driving, several organizations have been working to educate drivers about the safety of staying alert when behind the wheel. An organization called End Distracted Driving works with parents to help them empower their teenage drivers to be safe. Other communities, such as StopPED today on Facebook, share resources and tools that can turn distracted drivers into safe ones.

Negligent driving that causes a car accident can result in serious injuries to occupants of other vehicles. Injured victims may have to face extended periods of medical care and treatment, during which they are unable to work. They may want to meet with a personal injury to see how to go about seeking compensation from the at-fault motorist for these and other losses that they have sustained.