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Getting hurt in a big-box store in West Virginia

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2017 | Premises Liability |

While it is common for large retailers to be sued by people who are injured in their stores, Walmart tops the list of big-box establishments that face the most lawsuits due to individuals getting injured at their locations. It is estimated that 13 lawsuits are filed against Walmart every day, which works out to around 5,000 injury suits each year.

If someone is hurt while at a big-box store, the manager will probably follow certain procedures that the retailer has established for such an occurrence. The store’s management team will often attempt to find out what happened as well as determine the cause of the injury. Depending on how badly the person is injured, the manager may have him or her sent to the hospital in an ambulance or treated by paramedics on-site.

In addition to possibly being held liable for injuries that people sustain while in their stores, retailers can also be found responsible if someone is hurt due to the actions of their employees. For instance, if the driver of a delivery truck injures someone, the company that employs that driver could be held liable.

Property owners are required to ensure that their locations are safe for people to occupy. This is true of both small businesses and large retailers. If a property owner fails to prevent people from getting injured by falling due to a wet floor or spill that was never cleaned up, he or she may end up being liable for the injuries that result. If a person gets injured while on someone else’s property, a lawyer could help him or her figure out if negligence played a role and what his or her legal options may be.