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Determining liability in self-driving car crashes

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2017 | Car Accidents |

Self-driving cars are no longer something of the distant future. There are a number of companies that have put autonomous vehicles on the road, and several manufacturers already produce vehicles that can handle a number of functions on the road, such as parallel parking. People expect that self-driving vehicles will reduce accidents in West Virginia and around the country since computers don’t text while driving or drive while intoxicated.

Although these vehicles may reduce the risk of a collision, some accidents are unavoidable. Bad road conditions or a mechanical failure may result in an accident even if a computer is controlling a vehicle.

In situations where an autonomous vehicle is at fault for an accident, people cannot obtain compensation for a crash from a computer. Therefore, it is likely that automotive manufacturers will be held liable when self-driving cars are responsible for accidents. However, there are other companies that may also be considered liable. For instance, if a third party designed the software that controls a car and the failure led to the crash, that party could be held liable .

Until more self-driving cars hit the road, accidents caused by negligent drivers will still be all too common. Car accidents, no matter what their cause, can be very costly in terms of direct and indirect costs to those involved. Along with having to pay for medical bills and vehicle repairs, both of which can easily run to thousands of dollars, people may also lose the ability to work for a period of time if their injuries are severe enough. Obtaining appropriate compensation to fully cover costs is essential, and a lawyer could help victims obtain an amount that will keep them from having to pay for expenses out of pocket.