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Possible underlying cause of TBIs

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2015 | Brain Injury |

Recent research into the science behind brain injuries indicates that pressure waves may be a cause of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). People in West Virginia who have encountered this life-altering injury may find this new research relevant.

When a pressure wave passes through the blood vessels and tissue boundaries of the brain, it is possible for the movement of the wave to create small bubbles in the substance. This process is known as microcavitation.

The researchers’ objective is to discover whether microcavitation is as deadly to brain cells as a concussion is. They theorize that a TBI may be a more severe version of a concussion. If their research about microcavitation yields conclusive results, then the next step is finding ways to avoid or lessen the amount of pressure waves that can penetrate the cranium because even a helmet is not always enough.

Any injury to the brain can be extremely injurious to the life and economic prospects of the people who suffer it. For a person who sustains a brain injury that has the potential to damage their quality of life and to cause other serious side effects, it might be possible to seek economic redress through a civil suit. The medical bills associated with a traumatic brain injury can be costly, and it is only right that those who bear responsibility for an accident should help to pay for it. An attorney at law might be able to be of assistance to a victim who wishes to file a civil suit.

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