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West Virginia motorcycle accidents and common causes to avoid

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2015 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Riding motorcycles can be dangerous pastime for West Virginians, but a clear field of vision and powerful braking systems can help prevent accidents. Nonetheless, some types of motorcycle accidents are more common than others. Experts believe that education about the types of motorcycle accidents that commonly occur is the best way to prevent an accident in the future.

Cars turning left in front of motorcycles, whether by judging speed incorrectly or failing to yield to a motorcycle moving straight, are a common cause of accidents. Hitting gravel in a blind corner is another common cause of motorcycle accidents since it is difficult to avoid. The best way to avoid gravel is to ride slow enough that it is possible to avoid the sudden obstacle. Some motorcyclists enter a corner too fast to complete the turn, which can be avoided by going at a lower rate of speed.

Other cases, such as when a car changes into the motorcyclist’s lane or collides with a motorcycle from behind, are more difficult to avoid. Traveling slowly can reduce the severity of the impact, but being alert and aware at all times is the best way to avoid such threats. Other common mistakes include riding with irresponsible motorcyclists, locking the front brake due to inexperience, colliding with an open car door and a failure to observe inclement weather conditions on the road. However, alcohol is by far the most common cause of motorcycle accidents.

A motorcyclist who is injured because of a drunk driver or an otherwise negligent party may want to speak with an attorney in order to determine how best to proceed. From medical bills to lost wages, there are a variety of damages for which a successful personal injury lawsuit can result in compensation.