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Preparing to talk to a lawyer about your car accident case

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2014 | Car Accidents |

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident can be a disorienting experience. In the wake of a car accident, you may be unsure of how to react. This disorientation is completely normal. However, it is often important that you react quickly in order to protect your interests. If the accident you have been involved in has caused anyone injury or has caused significant property damage, it may benefit you to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney. Even if you remain a bit dazed, an attorney can begin the process of protecting your interests quickly after your accident has occurred.

When preparing to speak with an attorney, it is generally best to gather certain information together. Attorneys need to have a particular understanding of the case at hand before they can begin reacting to the situation in an informed manner. If you take too long to gather this information or to speak with an attorney in the first place, the statute of limitations affecting your particular claim may run out.

If you have copies of the police report and of the other driver’s insurance information, please bring this information to your first meeting with your attorney. Also prepare to either tell your attorney your version of the events as they occurred, or write your recollections down if you are concerned that you will forget important details in the moment. Also please bring any pictures you might have taken at the scene of the accident. Each of these things will likely help your attorney to assess your situation more fully.

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