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Posts tagged "Car Accidents"

Positive news released concerning vehicle accident rates

It is easy to become overwhelmed by statistics. Once overwhelmed, it can be too easy to forget that each element of a statistic is unique. For example, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has determined that in 2013 alone, 32,719 individuals were killed as a result of motor vehicle accidents that occurred on American highways and roadways. Every single one of these 32, 719 individuals was someone’s daughter or son. When looking at statistics as distinct in this fashion, it becomes both more difficult and easier to grasp the scale of motor vehicle fatalities in America.

Older drivers: Be careful even if you have had only one drink

Many adults who seldom drink do choose to drink a bit during the holiday season. Alcohol is often served at holiday parties and New Year’s champagne toasts are common. There is certainly nothing wrong with drinking during the holidays. However, it is important for older Americans to be particularly careful about when and what they choose to drink if they plan to drive after the celebration has concluded.

Distracted driving trends affecting motorist safety right now

Most American motorists are now aware of the fact that distracted driving is dangerous. In recent years, a host of educational campaigns, anti-distraction laws and other efforts aimed at reducing cellphone use while driving have received extensive media coverage. As a result, avoiding the message that distracted driving is dangerous is nearly impossible. Despite these efforts, it seems that distracted driving behaviors are more pervasive than ever.

How safe are elderly motorists?

A misconception regarding elderly drivers has permeated popular culture. Movies, books and even commercials lead Americans to assume that elderly drivers are "bad" drivers. They are supposedly slow, distracted and are generally dangerous. It is true that some elderly motorists are not "good" drivers. They fit either this entire stereotype or part of it. However, the general population of elderly drivers is actually safer than younger motorists are.

How does an attorney evaluate the viability of an accident case?

When a car accident victim consults with an attorney to have his or her case evaluated, there may initially be some trepidation. After all, the average person doesn't really understand the legal principles at play in assigning fault in car accident cases. Most people simply go with their gut feeling about how the accident transpired. Unfortunately, gut feeling isn't always accurate. What really matters is the merits of the case, or the strength of a case based on the evidence. In car accident cases, evidence is evaluated with an eye toward assigning fault.

Preparing to talk to a lawyer about your car accident case

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident can be a disorienting experience. In the wake of a car accident, you may be unsure of how to react. This disorientation is completely normal. However, it is often important that you react quickly in order to protect your interests. If the accident you have been involved in has caused anyone injury or has caused significant property damage, it may benefit you to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney. Even if you remain a bit dazed, an attorney can begin the process of protecting your interests quickly after your accident has occurred.