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Underage drunk drivers a serious threat

West Virginia drivers are educated about the dangers of drinking and driving from an early age. Getting behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is both risky and illegal. Still, drunk drivers continue to cause injury and death, and a recent case is especially tragic. 

Distracted driving and car accidents

These days, people may find themselves becoming easily distracted. West Virginia residents may be contending with the closure of schools and businesses, or they may have trouble locating certain items in the grocery store. It's good to stay on top of the latest news and changes, but it is equally important to focus on the road when behind the wheel. Distracted driving causes car accidents, and a recent crash may be a case in point. 

Crash risk for teens may decline if schools start later

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends that middle and high schools start at 8:30 a.m. or later, the reason being that later start times give teens a chance to obtain sufficient sleep. Biological changes lead to teens sleeping late in the day, and if they do not get the sleep they need, they raise the risk for unsafe behaviors behind the wheel. West Virginia residents can see, then, how schools might impact car crash rates.

How drivers, especially teens, can avoid distractions

Drivers in West Virginia and across the U.S. are seemingly becoming more and more prone to distraction. Whatever the reasons for this, it is clear that younger drivers in particular need to be on their guard against distractions. In a survey from The Zebra, 38% of respondents between the ages of 18 and 24 admitted that they text while driving.

Report calls for updating of NHTSA's car safety rating system

Newer vehicles may not be as safe as West Virginia residents think. The reason, according to one critical report, is that the current five-star safety rating system employed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is outdated. This rating system was developed back in the 1990s and is based on the results of crash testing performed in a laboratory with dummies.

Dangers of being an in-vehicle fallback test driver

Drivers in West Virginia who are following the developments in self-driving vehicle technology should know that many automakers are hiring individuals to be in-vehicle fallback test drivers for AI-driven cars. What these people sounds simple and perhaps even enviable: They sit for hours in a car that drives itself and only intervene if the car seems headed for danger. Yet the job itself is fraught with danger.

Determining who was at fault in a multi-car crash

Car crash victims in West Virginia must determine fault before they consider filing a claim against the driver they believe was responsible. It's a difficult process, especially when victims were involved in a multi-vehicle collision. There are a few ways fault could be determined in such an accident.

IIHS: rear-seat safety falls behind front-seat safety

Drivers in West Virginia may own a vehicle with all the latest crash mitigation technology. However, they may not realize that this tech usually only benefits front-seat occupants. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is calling for automakers to enhance the safety of rear-seat occupants as well. This technology includes air bags and crash tensioners, which tighten seat belts in a crash.

Red-light cameras save lives but may not have public support

Red-light cameras have encountered a fair share of suspicion and criticism, and some of it is just. For example, some cities do use cameras more as a way of increasing revenue and less as a way of reducing violations and accidents. Yet West Virginia residents should know that the benefits are real.

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