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How many drivers out there don’t have insurance?

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Drivers are supposed to have insurance in case they get involved in an accident. You may assume that every driver around you on the road has at least a minimal policy, and there are times you may be right. However, the truth is that many drivers do not carry insurance, and you have to share the road with them, as well. 

How many go without? It’s more than one out of every 10, according to some studies. They put it right around 13%. That’s likely higher than you assumed; most people are surprised to find out how many people decide to drive without coverage. 

You may also be wondering why they do it. Yes, insurance can help cover costs if they injure someone, but it also helps to pay for car repairs with many policies. Isn’t that something that drivers would want? Why do they choose to go without? 

The most common issue is that they say it’s too expensive or that they just cannot afford it. Some also indicate that they’re not actually using the uninsured vehicle or that it is inoperable. Overall, a full 82% of those without insurance fit into these two categories. 

You also want to consider that some drivers have just accidentally let their policies lapse. They may think that they have coverage when an autopay didn’t go through or if they forgot to update their credit card information. Not everyone does this intentionally, but it still creates issues. 

If you get injured in an accident with an uninsured driver, you need to understand your legal options. When you’re hit by a driver without insurance, your options may not be nearly as limited as you think. An experienced attorney can help you figure out what steps to take next.