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Yamaha admits making defective motorcycle parts

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents |

West Virginia has long maintained a thriving community of motorcycle enthusiasts. This is not surprising since The Mountain State offers a wide range of highways and byways for riders to explore. Driver safety is a key component to keeping motorcyclists and their passengers safe, but in cases involving defective motorcycle parts, there is often little drivers can do to prevent injury. 

Recently, a major motorcycle manufacturer admitted that some of its models have a major design flaw that can cause serious injury or death. The problem lies in two components of the brake system. According to manufacturer Yamaha, a poorly designed front end is causing the front brake line to sustain damage. 

Yamaha, one of the leading manufacturers of motorcycles in the United States, now warns customers that the tube filled with break fluid is being damaged by faulty parts, and a rider may not know until it is too late. If this tube is damaged, brake fluid can leak onto the front tire, causing even experienced drivers to lose control. Additionally, a leak in this brake line can cause the brakes to malfunction while a motorcycle is in motion. Yamaha has issued a recall on certain models, but it may be too late for some consumers. 

If anyone in West Virginia suffers injury as a result of defective motorcycle parts, he or she likely has grounds to initiate legal action against the party or parties believed responsible. A bad motorcycle accident can leave a victim with lasting pain and suffering, permanent disability or worse. An experienced attorney can pursue a claim for maximum financial recovery against any and all negligent parties.