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Common substance contributing to truck accidents?

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2020 | Truck Accidents |

West Virginia drivers are used to sharing the road with big commercial trucks. Several major interstates run through West Virginia, and tractor-trailer trucks are one of the primary ways goods are shipped across the nation. Especially at highway speeds, these massive vehicles can potentially cause a lot of damage, especially to other motorists in smaller passenger vehicles, and experts are always looking for new insights that may help reduce the risk of truck accidents

A recent study seems to have discovered a correlation between a common substance and increased incidents of truck accidents. While many truck drivers are aware that remaining alert during long hours on the road is a crucial safety point, they may want to think twice before they consume too much caffeine to stay alert. The study monitored the caffeine consumption of truck drivers from all across the United States, and reached some surprising conclusions. 

The findings suggest that while coffee and other common caffeinated beverages can help a driver remain alert, drivers that consumed more than an average amount of caffeinated products were involved in about 6% more accidents than those who consumed only average amounts. More research will try to pinpoint why this happens. The initial assumption is that caffeine can cause a person to feel jittery or uneasy, which can affect driving ability. 

When a truck driver is at fault for a serious crash, a victim may struggle to deal with the aftermath. Truck accidents resulting in serious injury are often accompanied by medical bills, lasting pain and suffering, insurance headaches and other woes. A West Virginia victim that is considering legal action against a party deemed at fault can consult an experienced personal injury attorney for advice and ongoing legal support.