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Common substance contributing to truck accidents?

West Virginia drivers are used to sharing the road with big commercial trucks. Several major interstates run through West Virginia, and tractor-trailer trucks are one of the primary ways goods are shipped across the nation. Especially at highway speeds, these massive vehicles can potentially cause a lot of damage, especially to other motorists in smaller passenger vehicles, and experts are always looking for new insights that may help reduce the risk of truck accidents

Victim shares insight on motorcycle accidents

For many people, riding a motorcycle is more than a method of transportation. Enthusiasts often describe the experience as something almost therapeutic. West Virginia riders are fortunate to have miles of beautiful roadways through picturesque landscapes to enjoy. Spring has officially arrived, and as people plan motorcycle excursions, they may not consider the very real possibility of motorcycle accidents

New research sheds light on motorcycle accidents

For motorcycle enthusiasts, the arrival of spring is an exciting time. West Virginia is warming up, and all across the state, riders look forward to getting the bike out to enjoy the nice weather. Modern motorcycles are considered less dangerous than their predecessors, thanks to technological advances and safety initiatives that raise public awareness. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are still a very real threat, and a group of researchers recently shared some surprising facts. 

Yamaha admits making defective motorcycle parts

West Virginia has long maintained a thriving community of motorcycle enthusiasts. This is not surprising since The Mountain State offers a wide range of highways and byways for riders to explore. Driver safety is a key component to keeping motorcyclists and their passengers safe, but in cases involving defective motorcycle parts, there is often little drivers can do to prevent injury. 

$1 million lawsuit filed against cruise line for virus exposure

Those in West Virginia following COVID-19 coverage might be interested to know that a couple has filed a lawsuit against Princess Cruise Lines. The suit claims the cruise operator placed passengers at risk of being exposed to the novel coronavirus. They are seeking $1 million in damages. The couple was held for a period of time on the cruise ship after more than 21 people contracted the virus.

Fracking can raise the risk of fatal truck accidents

In West Virginia, drivers face a number of dangers when they are out on the roads. One hazard that they may not be anticipating is the one caused by fracking. The byproduct of fracking is wastewater and it must be disposed of someplace. This means that there are numerous large trucks on the road that can only increase the level of danger for other drivers.

How to stay safe on a motorcycle

While it may be impossible to eliminate all motorcycle accidents, there are ways to avoid potentially dangerous situations. For instance, riders in West Virginia may want to wear bright colors that can be seen from long distances. Riders can also use the headlight on their motorcycles to increase their visibility. Intersections are where nearly half of all accidents take place. Therefore, it is important to be extra vigilant when going through one.

Bill to let teen truckers travel out of state raises concern

The Senate Commerce Transportation and Safety Subcommittee held a hearing in February 2020 where numerous groups raised concerns about issues in the trucking industry. One of these issues was the introduction of a bill in 2019 that would allow CDL holders under 21 to travel outside of their state. West Virginia, like all states except Hawaii, allows 18- to 20-year-old CDL holders to travel only intrastate.

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