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The use of hands-free cell devices leads to other distractions

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Drivers in West Virginia may be surprised to learn that data reveals that when drivers engage in one distracting behavior, it is likely that they are going to juggle other distractions while they are behind the wheel. The data also reveals that commercial drivers are most likely to use their cell phone when they are driving at about 65 mph.

This data was released by Lytx, which is a provider of video telematics and safety and productivity solutions for both commercial and public sector fleets. One of the things that they have noticed is that hands-free cell phone use is on the rise. In fact, it was up by 27 percent in 2018.

One of the most common things they reported is that when a person uses a hands-free device to talk on the phone, they are likely to engage in other potentially dangerous behaviors, like smoking, drinking or eating. Instead of freeing up their hands in order to keep them both on the wheel, they free them up to engage in other distracting behaviors. Lytx saw a 10 percent increase in the volume of events where drivers engage in two potentially risky behaviors at the same time. Another common risky behavior that is often engaged in at the same time a person is using a hands-free device is to speed or drive too close to other vehicles.

Even when using a hands-free device, part of a person’s attention is focused on the conversation, which means that it can impair their ability judge the distance of a car in front of them or pay attention to the speedometer. Unfortunately, this has led to serious accidents. An individual who has been the victim of a car accident due to negligent driving may want to speak with a personal injury attorney. The attorney might provide information on how to get compensation for medical expenses and pain and suffering.