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December 2019 Archives

AASM survey: Too many U.S. adults are driving drowsy

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recently had 2,003 adults take its Sleep Prioritization Survey. Asked whether they had ever struggled to stay awake while driving, 45% answered in the affirmative. This is a startling statistic, but it backs up the fact that drowsy driving is, indeed, a public health concern in West Virginia and across the U.S.

Study links automatic car safety systems to distracted driving

Many of the new cars on sale in West Virginia and around the country are packed with technology that is designed to help their drivers to avoid accidents. However, features like lane assist and adaptive cruise control could actually be making driving on the nation's roads more dangerous, according to a recent American Automobile Association study. The nonprofit organization's Foundation for Traffic Safety watched videos to see how semiautonomous safety systems were used in cars, including the Jeep Cherokee, Honda Accord and Tesla Model S, and they discovered that drivers who engaged the features were almost twice as likely to become distracted.

All new cars may soon detect alcohol intoxication in drivers

Every day in West Virginia and across the U.S., 30 people die in drunk driving car accidents. This amounts to one person every 48 minutes. Drunk driving is a serious epidemic, but there is technology out there that can help combat it. A bill was introduced in Congress that, if implemented, would take advantage of this tech and possibly save 7,000 lives every year.

The concept of negligence in auto accidents

Negligence is an essential concept in the personal injury laws of West Virginia, as in every other state, and it refers to the failure of someone to exercise reasonable care toward others. In the case of auto accidents, it would be the failure of drivers to look out for other drivers as well as for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists.

How truck drivers can avoid jackknifing

Large truck accidents are all too common in West Virginia, and many of these accidents involve jackknifing, which is when the truck folds in on itself. Jackknifing is preventable; it's simply that truckers may be inexperienced and not follow certain safety guidelines. Below are a few tips that truckers should follow to avoid jackknifing.

Opioids may be causing many fatal two-car crashes

Drivers in West Virginia probably don't need to be told about the danger that opioid use can pose on the road. Opioids impair one's movements and cognition, and this can lead to drowsy and inattentive driving. Unfortunately, more drivers who cause crashes are being found with opioids in their system. In 2016, the percentage of such drivers was 7.1% whereas in 1993, it was only 2%.

How property owners can protect their business and visitors

Property owners in West Virginia can be held responsible for personal injuries that range from someone being bitten by a dog to someone tripping over a wire or getting hurt on a broken piece of furniture. Property owners have the responsibility to protect their employees and visitors. They also want to protect their business. Both things can be accomplished by following these tips.