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Ways drivers can reduce distractions while driving

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2019 | Car Accidents |

West Virginia drivers may be interested to learn that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that 3,166 people died in fatal car accidents in 2017. A significant number of the fatal accidents involved distracted driving, which is often caused by smartphone use, using navigation/infotainment systems and eating while driving. However, there are ways that drivers can make the roads safe for everyone.

It’s important to reduce the amount of activity going on inside a vehicle. This often means limiting the number of passengers. Conversations with fellow riders can be dangerous when roads are busy. Additionally, drivers should turn on the “do not disturb” function on their smartphones or turn off their phones altogether to avoid distractions.

Drivers should also be aware that eating and driving is a major distraction, even if the eating is being done by passengers. Limiting eating and drinking while driving can prevent spills and messes, which may cause a driver to become instantly distracted. Finally, drivers should also avoid driving while drowsy. Many sleep-deprived people are at risk of falling asleep while behind the wheel. Since this is extremely dangerous, it’s best to get eight hours of sleep before commencing a long drive.

It can sometimes be difficult to prove that a serious car accident was caused by a negligent or distracted driver. However, a personal injury attorney could help a crash victim by gathering specific evidence of distracted or negligent driving. For example, an attorney may provide evidence that an at-fault driver was on his or her phone when the accident occurred. Legal counsel might also use witness testimony to provide evidence of erratic driving just before the accident.