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The importance of investigating the scene of a car crash

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2019 | Car Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Truck Accidents |

Let us say you sustained an injury in a car crash that required surgery and months of rehabilitation.

The accident happened so quickly that you are not sure what caused it. You will not be in the dark for long. A thorough investigation of the crash scene will produce evidence and, in turn, answers.

About the investigation

An investigation of the crash scene should take place as soon as possible after an accident happens, as evidence can vanish due to exposure to the elements, traffic and other kinds of disturbances. Law enforcement officers will prepare accident reports. They will also take photographs and video footage, but they usually do not take the time for a thorough investigation. Other professionals such as accident reconstructionists and forensic engineers will take on the task.

Collecting evidence

The officers who come to the crash site will mark the scene, which means they will use evidence flags or spray paint to mark the location of objects key to the accident. Outside investigators will use surveying equipment to take measurements and create a drawing of roadway conditions and evidence. Known as scene mapping, this will show the various types of evidence that remain after the crash.

Examples of evidence

Common types of evidence that investigators collect following a crash include:

  •         Skid marks
  •         Tire tracks
  •         Gouges in dirt or pavement
  •         Damage to objects such as telephone poles, guardrails, mailboxes and curbs
  •         Stains from engine oil, transmission fluid, blood and other fluids
  •         Vehicle debris
  •         Broken glass
  •         Points of impact between the vehicles involved
  •         Final positions when the vehicles came to rest

Putting evidence to work

A legal team investigating your car crash may engage the services of outside professionals such as reconstructionists and forensic engineers to gather detailed information from the accident scene. If the investigation produces evidence that the other driver is the negligent party, you can expect to receive full and fair insurance compensation to cover current and future medical expenses, loss of wages, pain and suffering and more.