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June 2019 Archives

MADD presidents: DUI prevention tech should be automakers' focus

The national president of Mothers Against Drunk Driving has been calling for automakers to devote more research and development in the effort to create drunk driver prevention systems. West Virginia residents are probably aware that DUI is a major cause of auto accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that in 2017, drunk driving crashes led to 11,000 deaths and over 200,000 injuries. DUI is behind 29% of all roadway fatalities.

IIHS: drivers confuse ADAS with self-driving cars

A recent survey by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety suggests that many West Virginia drivers do not know just how their advanced driver assistance systems work. More than 2,000 drivers across the U.S. participated in the study. They were asked in particular how they would drive with five systems, including Tesla's Autopilot and the Traffic Jam Assist for Audi and Acura, without having the names of the automakers revealed.

Why truck accidents happen

The entire nation relies on commercial trucks for the transportation of goods and supplies. But when these giant tractor-trailers collide with passenger vehicles, motorcycles, bicyclists or pedestrians, there is a high likelihood of catastrophic injuries. Thousands of people die from large truck accidents every year.

New technologies improving road safety

A 2018 J.D. Power study indicated that more than 50 percent of new car owners said new advanced safety features helped avoid an accident during the first 90 days of ownership. Drivers in West Virginia may already be familiar with technologies like automatic braking and blind spot alert; they are becoming increasingly common on roadways all over the country. Companies like General Motors and Volvo have publicly announced goals of achieving zero fatalities from car accidents, and the safety features that already exist are steps in that direction.

Why motorcycles can be dangerous to ride

Those who ride motorcycles in West Virginia are more likely to be in an accident than those driving in a car. This is according to Insurance Institute for Highway Safety data from 2013. The study found that for every mile traveled, a motorcycle was 26 times more likely to get into a fatal crash compared to a passenger vehicle. There are several reasons why this may be the case.

What truck drivers have to say about highway safety

Truck drivers who operate vehicles in West Virginia need to make safety their top priority. Otherwise, they could lose their jobs and put other lives in jeopardy. However, drivers of passenger vehicles can take steps to help keep the roads safe as well. For instance, a survey of commercial truck drivers conducted by Teletrac Navman found that failing to signal a lane change was among the top concerns drivers had.

Car safety for rear-seat passengers is lacking

Thanks to ongoing safety improvements, new vehicles protect drivers and front-seat passengers better than ever before. However, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, safety improvements for rear-seat passengers are falling behind. This could endanger the lives of backseat riders in West Virginia and across the U.S.

AAA: teens at highest risk for car crash in summer

West Virginia residents may be interested to hear that the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has pinpointed a period of 100 days as being the deadliest for teen drivers. This stretches from Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer, to Labor Day; during this time, the risk for fatal car crashes involving teens goes up an average of 15%. Parents of teen drivers will want to ensure that their teens know safe driving practices.

Runaway trucks put your life in danger

Recently, a runaway truck in Colorado made national headlines. As the tractor-trailer descended from the Rocky Mountains, its brakes overheated. Because the vehicle’s braking system was unable to stop the truck, a multi-vehicle accident occurred. Four motorists lost their lives in a fiery crash at the base of the foothills. 

Four tips for preventing parking lot injuries

All business owners in West Virginia must comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Act and maintain a safe environment for all entrants, including employees and clients. However, many business owners forget that this rule encompasses not just the building but also the parking lot. By remembering the following four tips, however, owners can keep the parking lot from being the site of injuries.