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Dodger Stadium assault case scheduled for mediation

On Behalf of | May 11, 2019 | Premises Liability |

West Virginia residents should know that a man who claims he was assaulted outside the gates of Dodger Stadium back in 2015 will have his case sent to mediation. He had filed his complaint back in September 2017, naming Los Angeles Dodgers LLC and two individuals as the defendants. Among other things, the plaintiff is accusing the Dodgers of negligent hiring, retention and supervision.

The man was exiting the stadium around 10 p.m. when he says he was approached by a 52-year-old woman and her son, the two defendants. The two began to shout vulgarities, and when the man reached the handicapped parking area, the two attacked him; he fell to the ground, unconscious, and was kicked repeatedly. He suffered traumatic brain injuries. Only after several minutes did security staff arrive. It appears the area was poorly lit.

Attorneys for the defendants say that the plaintiff was intoxicated and attacked the woman, so her son came to her defense and hit the man. Mediation is to take place Feb. 20, 2020, and a trial has been set for two months later in case a settlement is not reached.

The plaintiff’s claim involves premises liability, but the plaintiff is also suing for punitive damages. Loss of consortium is one of the non-economic damages that the plaintiff seeks to be reimbursed for.

Those who wish to file a premises liability claim against the property owner may want to see a lawyer. As they can gather from the story above, it can take years to even begin the process of negotiating a settlement, so the lawyer will likely be clear whether they have good grounds for a case. Should victims go ahead with the case, their lawyer might hire investigators to gather proof of negligence and medical experts to measure the extent of injuries.