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2019 CVSA roadcheck to emphasize steering, suspension safety

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2019 | Truck Accidents |

Each year, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance holds a three-day inspection spree called the International Roadcheck. During this event, CMV drivers in West Virginia and across the US are liable to be stopped at random for inspections. If they pass, they receive a CVSA decal as an indicator. If not, they are issued out-of-service orders.

The 2018 International Roadcheck resulted in nearly 12,000 CMVs and 2,600 drivers being put out of service. The most prominent vehicle-related issues were brake, tire/wheel and brake adjustment noncompliance. Drivers were required to go out of service for violating hours-of-service regulations, having the wrong class of license and falsifying logs.

The 2019 International Roadcheck, which will take place from June 4 to 6, will be focusing on steering and suspension compliance. This is because steering and suspension help support the heavy load of CMVs, maintain stability during braking and acceleration and reduce the risk of tire failure by keeping tires in alignment.

Other components that will be examined are the brakes, tires, wheels, lights and cargo securement chains and straps. To check for driver compliance, inspectors will be asking for CDLs, Medical Examiner’s Certificates, work logs and other documents. The majority of inspections will be at the most comprehensive level, which is Level I. Their frequency is indisputable. About 17 vehicles are inspected every minute during these Roadchecks.

Poorly maintained trucks and log book violations play a role in many truck accidents. Regardless of whether the driver, employer or freight company is to blame, those who are hurt through negligence are eligible for compensation. Filing a claim, though, is usually something done with legal assistance because one will likely be faced with a legal team doing everything it can to deny payment. A lawyer may handle negotiations, even litigation, if a settlement cannot be reached.