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Steps to take following a collision on a motorcycle

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2018 | Motorcycle Accidents |

While no one expects to be in a motorcycle accident, there are some steps that need to be taken after a crash in West Virginia. First, it is essential to check on the condition of those involved in the accident. Regardless of if anyone is injured in the wreck, it is a good idea to call the police. This can be done by those directly involved in the collision or by a witness to the event.

At the scene, those involved in the accident should look for witnesses or other evidence to verify their version of events. When the police arrive, it is important to be honest and forthcoming about what happened. After talking to the police, an individual should go to the doctor or an emergency room for a medical exam. This is true whether or not a person is in pain or has other obvious signs of an injury.

Those who are injured may want to contact an attorney to learn more about their rights. In the event that the bike is damaged, it will be necessary to file an insurance claim. A rider should take pictures of the bike, the crash scene and provide any other evidence to get it approved. It may also be worthwhile to get estimates as part of the claim process.

A person who experiences a brain injury or any other type of injury in an accident may face many long-term challenges. These may include not being able to earn a living or maintain relationships with family and friends. If a negligent driver or rider causes the collision to occur, that party may be liable for paying an injured victim’s medical bills. That party may also be responsible for paying lost wages or future earnings.