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How to plan for a winter motorcycle ride

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2018 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Taking a motorcycle ride through West Virginia during the winter months can be both exciting and dangerous at the same time. With proper planning, however, it may be possible to mitigate some of the dangers. It is generally not a good idea to ride a motorcycle on roads that are covered with snow. This is because there are only two wheels, which provide less road grip than the four that a passenger vehicle has.

Ice and black ice are other hazards that a rider should be prepared for. Riders should be especially careful of black ice if temperatures have dropped below freezing overnight or are below freezing while riding. Bridges and overpasses are among the most likely spots for ice to form. In addition to cold temperatures, riders will need to be prepared for wind chill. Wind chill refers to the temperature when the wind is taken into account.

On a 50-degree day, the wind chill will be 39.5 degrees assuming a rider is going 55 miles per hour. The wind chill will be even chillier if the actual air temperature is colder, and it can also be colder when traveling at greater speeds. Therefore, it is important to wear clothing that will protect the skin against both the wind and the cold air.

A motorcycle accident can lead to lacerations, broken bones or a brain injury. Depending on the circumstances of the crash, both drivers and passengers may be victims, and pedestrians could also be hurt in a motorcycle collision. Crash victims may be entitled to compensation from any party or parties that are deemed negligent. Compensation could cover medical bills in addition to lost wages and future earnings.