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How drivers in West Virginia can stay safe in winter

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2018 | Car Accidents |

To stay safe in winter, drivers need to take the following into account. First of all, they have to make sure their vehicle is properly winterized. A mechanic could easily check components like the battery, spark plugs, brakes, ignition and fuel filters as well as inspect the tires for wear or underinflation. Drivers should maintain their gas tank at above half full and should avoid using cruise control and the parking brake in winter weather.

Next, drivers should be aware of the function of safety features like anti-lock braking, if their vehicle is equipped with it, and traction control. The former can pump the brakes in a skid, and the latter can keep traction when accelerating and decelerating. It’s important that drivers accelerate and decelerate slowly at all times and keep a distance of 8 to 10 seconds from the vehicle in front.

If their vehicle comes with safety features that they are unfamiliar with, drivers should know that the National Safety Council is educating people on these via the My Car Does What? campaign. However, safety features will not benefit drivers if they themselves are not cautious. Some drivers may want to wait for storms to pass before going out. They should plan routes ahead of time, and if they get stranded in snow, they should never push the vehicle out.

When negligent driving in winter conditions is the cause of a car accident, victims may be able to file a claim. They will need to show that they were less than 50 percent to blame, and they will have to gather proof against the defendant, which is why legal representation is essential. A lawyer might be able to negotiate with the auto insurance company for a fair settlement covering both injuries and vehicle damage, and he or she may litigate as a last resort.