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Clubhouse collapse injures several partygoers

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2018 | Premises Liability |

When college students in West Virginia gather to relax and unwind, small gatherings sometimes turn into larger parties. Situations like this can quickly become potentially dangerous if an abundance of people are crammed into a limited space not designed for such purposes. This is exactly what happened when the floor of a clubhouse located near a university in South Carolina collapsed. During a large, private party, the structure’s floor gave way and sent dozens of individuals into the basement below.

Law enforcement officials said none of the injuries that sent about 30 people to area hospitals were life-threatening. Social media video of the incident shows several attendees dancing moments before the first-level floor buckled under the pressure and hurled people down into the basement. One of the partygoers reported that the room was packed at the time and people were listening to a popular, upbeat song, which resulted in a lot of jumping.

The witness reported that the collapse happened very quickly. Revelers who didn’t fall stood along the sides of the remaining part of the floor. Many attendees who were able to do so also recorded the aftermath of the incident on their phones. Another witness reported hearing a “boom” just before the collapse. Police said the clubhouse was rented by a group for a private party. The property manager said the structure was built around 2004-2005, but he was not aware of a capacity maximum.

When incidents like this occur, a personal injury attorney can determine if the responsible parties may have overlooked certain safety policies. If necessary, a lawyer could pursue action against a negligent property owner. A settlement could cover damages such as medical bills, pain and suffering and more.