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What should be done following an auto accident

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Drivers in West Virginia are exposed to all types of risks on the road. If involved in an accident, there are some important steps to take to guarantee the success of a claim. By following these suggestions, a driver may be able to avoid many of the common missteps that can increase chances of damaging lawsuits.

No one should ever admit responsibility following an auto accident. Most people are unaware that they are not permitted to admit fault following an accident. This should be remembered when discussing the accident with other involved parties. If at all possible, contact with the other party should not continue after confirming whether or not there are any injuries and collecting contact information.

Information gathering should be the primary goal after an accident happens. The bare minimum amount of information collected should include the other person’s name, address, phone number and insurance policy information. Conditions surrounding the accident should also be collected. Details like the direction the cars were traveling and the events leading up to the accident should be recorded. The weather at the time of the accident should be documented. The make and model of the other car as well as the tag information should be collected. Any witness account information should be collected following an accident. The name, badge number and contact information for the officer handling the accident should be documented as well. Pictures should also be taken with a mobile device.

If a driver is involved in an accident, they should contact the insurance company to file a claim immediately. Insurance claims should be filed under the guidance of a claims representative; a claim could also be filed via the insurer’s website or a mobile app.

Car accidents that occur due to a distracted driver, negligent or drunk driver may require the help of a lawyer. A lawyer may be able to assist with many aspects of the accident investigation, especially in the event of a serious injury when the victim is incapacitated.