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Nine people injured when roller coaster derails in Florida

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2018 | Premises Liability |

Many West Virginia readers look forward to visiting amusement parks each summer. However, not all amusement park rides are safe. For example, on June 14, multiple people were injured when a roller coaster malfunctioned at a park in Florida.

According to authorities, there were 10 people riding Daytona Beach Boardwalk’s Sand Blaster roller coaster when one of its cars suddenly derailed, causing two riders to fall over 30 feet to the ground. Two other people were left dangling in the car. Emergency crews rushed to the scene and worked quickly to remove the remaining riders, concerned that the car could fall all the way to the ground. A total of nine people were transported to Halifax Health Medical Center treatment of undisclosed injuries.

In May, the roller coaster failed two inspections due to multiple problems, according to a representative of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. However, those problems were corrected, and the ride passed an inspection on the day of the incident. Another inspection was conducted after the accident, and the ride failed due to structural integrity issues. The agency has launched an investigation into the incident.

Amusement park owners are required to properly inspect and maintain their rides for the safety of the public. Individuals injured on a poorly maintained ride may have reason to file a premises liability lawsuit against the owners. By filing such a claim, an injured victim could obtain financial compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering and other damages related to the accident. An attorney could evaluate a victim’s case and explain all the legal remedies that are available.

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