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Celebrating responsibly during the Independence Day holiday

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2018 | Car Accidents |

According to the American Automobile Association, there will be 37.5 million Americans traveling at least 50 miles from home between June 30 and July 4. However, this period of time can be among the most dangerous to be on the road. Drunk driving during the Fourth of July holiday accounted for 40 percent of all traffic deaths between 2007 and 2011. West Virginia motorists might want to know that there are around 200 traffic deaths throughout the nation during the holiday period.

Individuals who are celebrating the holiday with fireworks should also be careful. Injuries to hands and fingers are also common during this period of time due to defective products or those that are used improperly. While these injuries may not be fatal, they can still be painful. Also, food poisoning and swimming accidents are more common over the July 4 holiday period as people enjoy picnics or afternoons on the beach.

Those who are impaired while driving a vehicle could face a variety of negative consequences for their actions. In addition to criminal penalties, drunk drivers could also be required to pay damages to those injured in crashes that they cause. Compensation could help to pay medical bills and help a victim make up for lost wages and lost future earnings.

Punitive damages may also be available depending on the circumstances of a case. A person who is hurt in a car accident may benefit from consulting with an attorney. An attorney could review physical evidence as well as witness statements given at the scene of the crash. These cases could be settled out of court or resolved through a formal trial.