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Study: drivers text the most in afternoon rush hour

On Behalf of | May 7, 2018 | Car Accidents |

New data from app developer Drivemode has shown that the afternoon rush hour, specifically between 3pm and 7pm, is the peak time for drivers to text. While New Yorkers text more during this time period than any other drivers, those in West Virginia should still be concerned because texting while driving is so widespread.

The data, gathered over the course of one year through Drivemode’s Android app, records 177,000 drivers and 6.5 million instances of text messaging. According to, on average drivers across America send 6.87 messages per hour between 5pm and 6pm: the peak hour. New Yorkers had the highest rate with an average of 8.21 messages, followed by those in Hawaii (7.90) and Florida (7.87). A total of 10 states exceeded the national average.

Standard SMS was the most popular messaging method, accounting for nearly half of all instances. This was followed by Facebook Messenger (20.7 percent) and WhatsApp (19.4 percent). The Drivemode CEO states that drivers are, in fact, messaging safely because they are using hands-free, voice-activated methods.

The increase in text messaging during the afternoon is easily explained. While drivers may occupy themselves in the morning by listening to music or the news, they may need to message their family about delays and other issues in the afternoon.

Drivers are responsible for maintaining control of their vehicles. Texting and driving can be considered a form of negligent driving, so when accident victims discover that the driver who caused the accident was engaging in this activity, they might consider filing a third-party insurance claim. To get the other driver’s insurance company to pay out may be difficult without a lawyer, so victims may benefit from meeting with an attorney.