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Head injuries could increase the risk of dementia

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2018 | Brain Injury |

According to a recently published study, there could be a link between experiencing a traumatic brain injury and an increased risk for Alzheimer’s or dementia. There are about 50 million people who sustain such an injury in West Virginia and throughout the world each year. According to the University of Washington School of Medicine, roughly 47 million people globally have dementia.

The severity of an injury plays a role in determining the increased risk a person faces of developing such issues. If an injury is deemed to be mild, the risk of dementia increases by 17 percent. If it is deemed to be severe, the risk increases by 35 percent. The number of brain injuries a person has can also increase the chances of getting dementia or Alzheimer’s. A person who suffers two brain injuries is 33 percent more likely to develop these conditions.

The risk increases to 183 percent for those with five or more brain injuries. Researchers caution that someone who has a brain injury may develop dementia later in life. However, it could be a good idea to talk to doctors and eliminate other risk factors such as drinking alcohol or smoking tobacco. Getting enough exercise can also reduce the risk of mental problems later in life.

A head injury caused by a car accident or hard hit could increase the risk of future medical issues. If a person does get hurt in an accident caused by negligent behavior, the person who caused the accident might be liable for damages incurred by the victim. Damages may include hospital and other medical bills experienced both now and into the future. Compensation may be able to pay for lost wages or lost future earnings related to the injury.