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Highway deaths and their many causes

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Highway deaths can be caused by a variety of factors, almost all of them involving some form of negligence. This is why drivers in West Virginia should know what those factors are and do everything they can to keep themselves from getting into accidents as well. For example, they may find themselves in inclement weather, where rain or snow obscure the visibility of other cars. They should exercise caution so as to avoid losing control or rear-ending anyone.

Highway designs can sometimes confront drivers with challenges like narrow shoulders and tight corners. Drivers may also come across blind intersections. Some defects in design are inevitable since civil engineers are often constrained to work around certain geographical features.

Most fatalities are caused directly by negligent behavior like distracted driving. It’s all too common now for drivers to text or surf the web on their smartphones, for instance. Other activities that take a driver’s eyes off the road, like eating, adjusting the radio or AC and even putting on makeup, will increase the risk of a crash.

Impaired driving is another frequent danger. Drivers who drink excessive amounts of alcohol will have their judgment and reflexes impaired and even suffer vision problems. Some medications and drugs both legal and illegal will impair driving as well. Drivers may also make unsafe decisions out of road rage.

When these forms of negligent driving lead to an accident, victims can see whether they’re eligible for compensation. This is where a lawyer might be able to assess the claim, factoring in any contributory negligence and estimating a fair settlement. The lawyer could have investigators find proof that the defendant was negligent, which could include physical evidence from the crash site. The lawyer may then negotiate with the defendant’s auto insurance company, litigating only as a last resort.