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Steps teen motorcycle drivers can take to reduce injury risks

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2018 | Motorcycle Accidents |

While many West Virginia teenagers appreciate the freedom a motorcycle offers, there are certain risks that go along with choosing to get behind the wheel of one. More than half of all teens who ride motorcycles opt for sport bikes. It’s these models that account for most insurance claims. Teen motorcycle drivers are also responsible for nearly six-times as many collision claims as riders 35 to 60 years of age.

Since motorcycle accidents occur with greater frequency than car accidents, it’s important for teen motorcycle enthusiasts to take precautions to reduce accident risks. Most riders involved in motorcycle accidents have no formal training, so a good starting point for teens is to take a DMV-approved training course to learn proper techniques prior to riding on public roads.

West Virginia has a universal helmet law. Therefore, another important precaution teen drivers can take is to invest in a motorcycle helmet approved by the Department of Transportation. Helmets should fit properly and have sufficient padding to minimize head injury risk. Teens should be encouraged to follow the speed limit while riding. It’s equally important for young bike drivers to wear the right clothing, avoid inviting friends to hop on for a ride, and choose a bike that’s primarily designed with safety in mind.

Unfortunately, even when all safety precautions have been taken, negligent drivers of other vehicles will fail to see a motorcycle, or they will cause an accident by turning left in front of them without stopping. In such an event, an injured biker might want to have the help of a lawyer when seeking compensation for the losses that have been sustained.