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Did you suffer one of these common motorcycle accident injuries?

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2018 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Many motorcycle accidents leave riders seriously injured. Even though you never expect to get in a motorcycle accident, it is important for you to understand the types of injuries you could sustain from one.

You could be the safest rider in the world. But another driver’s negligence and carelessness could put you in the hospital with mild to life-threatening wounds. You could also end up unable to go back to work and without income and the freedom to move about. Here is a brief overview of common motorcycle accident injuries:

Broken bones and fractures

With less structure to shield you from the impact of a fall and collision, the chances of you breaking and fracturing bones are higher than for other motorists. Your hands, wrists, fingers, arms, legs and pelvic areas are the most common areas of your body that are in danger of breakage in a motor vehicle accident.

Road rash

If you fall or the force of the collision throws you from your motorcycle, any exposed skin that comes in contact with the ground is likely to suffer scrapes, bruises and develop road rash. This condition can be challenging and very uncomfortable for you to recover from. It can be a source of constant pain and agony as the affected areas heal. Serious cases of road rash often result in tissue and bone exposure and may require ongoing medical treatment and surgery.

Spinal cord and head trauma

Your head and spinal cord are extremely vulnerable in a motor vehicle collision, especially when you are on a motorcycle. Helmets help to reduce the risk of severe trauma to those areas and prevent permanent damage, disability and death. Brain and spinal cord injuries are not easy to recover from. Without immediate and ongoing treatment, many victims end up developing complications that can lead to organ failure, tissue damage and death.

It is impossible to predict the outcome of a motorcycle accident or the extent of the injuries you may sustain. To minimize the risk of injury and death, wear the right safety gear, use safe riding techniques and follow all rules of the road.