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Motorcyclists and crash injuries

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents |

West Virginia residents who ride motorcycles are aware that they risk injuries if they experience a traffic accident. Some injuries might be rather severe while others are life-threatening enough that some motorcyclists die later on as a result. The injuries incurred during motorcycle crashes, however, are not equally divided throughout the body.

According to a variety of studies focusing on injuries experienced during motorcycle crashes, the most common injury riders experience is to the lower extremities. A CDC study found that 30 percent of non-fatal injuries experienced by motorcyclists were in their legs and feet. This was followed by injuries to the head and neck, at 22 percent. These types of injures were followed by chest, shoulder and back injuries, wounds to the arms and hands and finally by hip and pelvic injuries.

Other studies support these findings. For example, an Association for The Advancement of Automotive Medicine study explored both the types of injuries and their severity, arriving at similar results as the CDC study. The AAAM study also looked at age and helmet use, finding that younger motorcyclists tended to have more accidents when they went without a helmet while older drivers showed an opposing trend. Finally, this report also tracked the deaths that resulted later on at the hospital from injuries. Interestingly, the injury type that most often resulted in death was thorax injuries, with 79 deaths per 1,000 injuries. Lower extremity injuries were 33 deaths per 1,000 injuries.

Victims of motorcycle accidents might file personal injury claims to attempt to seek compensation for the damages suffered and incurred. They might also speak to a lawyer with experience in personal injury claims to assist them with the process of filling out and filing the claim. An attorney may even be able to help with negotiations with insurance companies and provide representation in court.