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Importance of rehabilitation after traumatic brain injuries

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2017 | Brain Injury |

Some of the most serious injuries that West Virginians might suffer in accidents are traumatic brain injuries. While some TBIs may be minor, others are debilitating and cause lifelong disabilities necessitating round-the-clock care.

Following an accident and a traumatic brain injury, victims first undergo acute care in the hospital. When they are discharged, they may be sent home or to rehabilitation facilities. Victims who have severe TBIs may benefit by being discharged to long-term care facilities with added rehabilitation services. While severely injured victims may benefit the most by going to inpatient rehabilitation settings instead of home, socioeconomic factors may influence the destinations to which they are sent upon their discharges from the hospital.

When people suffer traumatic brain injuries in accidents, they may be left with multiple impairments. They may have cognitive problems and be unable to take care of the basic needs of daily living. Some people may require care for the rest of their lives. Being able to access strong rehabilitation services upon being discharged from the hospital may help people to recover more fully from their injuries so that they can enjoy better qualities of life.

When people suspect that their loved ones have suffered traumatic brain injuries in accidents, it is important for them to seek medical treatment immediately to prevent the potential for further brain damage. The victims may also want to consult with personal injury lawyers who might help them to recover compensation if their accidents were caused by the negligence of other parties. The lawyers may file civil complaints and negotiate with the insurance companies on behalf of their clients in an effort to secure reasonable settlement offers.