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Women often need more time to recover from concussions

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2017 | Brain Injury |

Physicians treating women who suffered head injuries in West Virginia might be using medical knowledge skewed toward male patients. A professor of neurosurgery and director of a brain injury research education program explained that most research had involved male victims of head trauma. He said this meant that most information about concussions had not taken into account how the brain injury affects men and women differently.

Research has not yet identified the reasons for the gender difference. Male and female physical traits could be the culprit. Hormonal difference could influence symptoms. The ways that male and female upper bodies experience the trauma of a car accident could play a role. Inside the brain, the slight differences between the chemistry and physiology of male and female brains might contribute to the way women experience concussions.

Researchers have not ruled out that women might simply report symptoms like headaches and depression more often than men. What is known is that women need longer recovery periods after a concussion than men. Most people recover in a couple weeks, but persistent symptoms could indicate post-concussive syndrome, which should be evaluated by a neurologist.

A concussion victim of a car accident might experience delayed brain damage because the full effects of head trauma are not always immediately apparent. When a negligent driver, such as someone who was texting or drinking, caused the wreck, the victim might enlist the services of an attorney to make a personal injury claim. An attorney could organize medical records detailing the person’s problems and make an insurance claim to recover money for medical therapy and lost income. Negotiations led by the attorney might suffice to gain a settlement, but an attorney could present the case in court when necessary.