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4 ways motorcyclists can prepare for riding during the fall

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Motorcycle season is by no means over. But with the changing weather conditions, bikers will soon have to contend with colder weather, shorter days and slippery conditions when they ride. 

The fall season often creates a myriad of riding conditions that make can make it more challenging for motorcyclists to stay safe while they are on the roads. To reduce the number of motorcycle accidents that occur during the fall season, bikers should take the following safety suggestions into consideration: 

Stay alert and cautious 

Some motorcyclists believe that since summer is almost over, there will be fewer bikers on the roads, which means they may not be as diligent in watching for them while driving. Bikers should stay alert and ride cautiously with the mindset that other motorists are not checking for them. They should avoid blind spots and double check intersections and their lanes before changing lanes and turning. 

Avoid leaf piles 

Leaves are falling off the trees, and they often accumulate on the roads, camouflaging hazardous conditions such as potholes, cracks, bumps and slippery surfaces. Bikers should try to avoid riding on leaves to avoid situations that can cause riding errors or falling and crashing into other motorists. 

Prepare for shorter days 

Now that the days are shorter, motorcyclists should wear appropriate riding gear and use safety equipment to increase visibility. They should maintain their bikes to ensure the proper functioning of their headlamps, turn signals and all other lights. They should also consider changing their routines so they are less likely to be on the streets during times when they are less likely to be seen by other drivers. 

Watch for wildlife 

The fall season is one of the most active times of year for animals. Deer and other wildlife are out foraging for food and dwellings for the colder months. Many of them are attracted to traffic noise and lights and may appear suddenly on the roads and become easily startled when they see approaching motorists. Bikers should stay mindful of the roads and everything in their vicinity. In areas of frequent animal sightings, they should ride slowly and cautiously to avoid hitting wildlife. 

Bikers should never overlook their safety when riding. By staying mindful of the changing weather and road conditions, bikers can better enjoy the fall riding season.